Accessing the Compliance tab

In this article, you will learn how to access and view drivers’ compliance information. The Compliance feature enables safety officers/company owners to access and view the drivers’ compliance to work and rest diary. In accordance with the NHVS standards, the Logmaster HV’s Compliance feature provides an easy access of the following information:

  • Driver details
  • Graphical summary view of the work diary
  • Tabular view of the driver’s work and rest change entries
  • Tabular view of authorized officer annotations
  • Two-up arrangement in cases of multiple drivers
  1. On the Menu, click Compliance to open the Compliance tab.

    • Note: by default, you will be directed to the Compliance tab once you log in to your Logmaster HV account.
  2. To select the display mode between chart and table, click the Chart/Table drop-down arrow and select the preferred mode.

    • Chart
    • Table


  3. Select the driver that you want to view by clicking the Driver drop-down menu and start typing the driver’s name.
  4. As you type 3 or more characters, the relevant results will appear in the list. Click the driver’s name to select.
  5. Specify the date that you want to review by clicking the Calendar icon in the Date field. On the activated Calendar, select the Month and Year by clicking the Months drop-down arrow. After selecting the month, click the Date to proceed.
    • Note: navigate through the dates by using the Prev and Next buttons. To select today’s date, click the Today button.
  6. Once you selected the driver and the date, the Compliance report for the driver on the selected date will be generated.