Potential Breaches

In this article, you will learn how to view potential breaches on work/rest standards. The Potential Breaches feature enables safety officers/owners to access and view potential breaches committed by drivers.

  1. On the Menu, click Potential Breaches to open the Potential Breaches tab.
  2. Select the driver that you want to view by clicking the Driver drop-down menu and start typing the driver’s name.
  3. As you type 3 or more characters, the relevant results will appear in the list. Click the driver’s name to select.
  4. In the Date Range field, click the drop-down arrow to set the date range that you want to view and click the Apply button.

  5. After selecting the driver and defining the date range, click the View Log

  6. The relevant results will appear on the lower section of the Potential Breaches tab. The result will be displayed in graphical data showing the Dates on the left column and the time of the day on the top and bottom rows. Lastly, on the right side of the graph, the total number of work and rest hours are calculated per date.

The graphical data interpretation is based on the colour coding scheme as indicated in the Potential Breaches tab:


  • Blue: Work
  • Green: Rest
  • Red: Breach