The Table mode displays detailed information organized by section. Each section shows specific information that is taken from the driver’s logs. To enable the Table mode, click the Chart/Table drop-down arrow and select Table.

The first section of the Table mode displays the basic information:

  • Driver’s Name
  • License Number
  • Registration
  • Work Option
  • Date of Sheet
  • Time Zone

The second section displays the Work and Rest Changes table that focuses on the activity changes between work and rest. The table displays the following information:

  • Activity
  • Time of Activity
  • Location
  • Odometer
  • Work and Rest Option
  • Comments
  • Origin
  • Entry Timestamp


The Investigation Aid section displays a tabular summary of the information listed below. This table enables authorized officers to review and determine potential non-compliance based on the tabular data.

  • Time
  • Work and Rest Option
  • Period of Time
  • Work or Rest
  • Potential Non-Compliance Level

The authorized officer Annotations section displays a summary of annotations entered by authorized officers during roadside inspections detailing the following information:

  • Annotation Flag
  • Time of Intercept
  • Location
  • Annotation