Installation Guide

This article is a general guide on how to best to install your chosen approved Logmaster device to your vehicle. These are generic steps that are applicable to most of the mounting brands. For more accurate details, check the mount product user guide.

Physical installation

  1. Most smartphones, tablets and ipads require a mount to achieve safe installation. Identify one that is able to hold your chosen device. Ensure the mount meets your company’s quality standards.

  2. Choose a mount that will allow quick device removal and reliable replacement for roadside inspections.
  3. Verify that you are able to install the mount such that it:

    • Places the device screen within viewing range of the driver at all times
    • Does not obscure the driver’s view of the road
    • Does not obscure the driver’s view of instruments, gauges and controls
    • Does not interfere with the driver’s operation of the vehicle and other instruments
    • Can be firmly held in place
    • Allows the device to receive constant power via the device’s power source which is compatible with vehicle power supplies
  4. Ensure your device is capable of receiving constant power from the vehicle in your chosen location. Wires are long enough and can be run tidily. 
  5. Follow the device mount instructions to complete installation.
  6. Establish a constant power supply then tidy, tie down any cables.
  7. Take the driver’s position and test that all mounting criteria were met.
  8. Test Logmaster while in the driver’s position and ensure it is viewable and controllable.

  9. Set the device app store to auto update both the operating system and Logmaster HV.
  10. Set reminders to regularly check for wear and tear. Add device installation to vehicle inspection templates.
  11. Note the device ID, keep purchase receipt, warranty and service policies. Store an installation photo with vehicle records.
  12. Check that the device has mobile network access and the driver can activate WiFi connectivity if needed.
  13. Check that the device has GPS enabled and location services active.
  14. Provide logins and security information, logmaster operation instructions to drivers.
  15. Ensure that adequate property and IT security policies are in place against unauthorised access.

Installing the Logmaster App

In this article, you will learn how to install the Logmaster HV app on your device. This Electronic Work Diary app enables you (driver) to log the drive, work, and rest intervals in compliance with NHVR standards. Once the driver has accepted an emailed invitation from your company, all the data logged will be transferred to the Logmaster database and will be accessible by the safety officers, record keeper, and the appropriate authorities if needed.

  1. Open a Browser and enter in the Address Bar.

  2. On the upper middle part of the page, find and tap the Android/iOS icon to download the app.
  3. In this example, we used the Android version. Tap the Android icon, you will be directed to the Google Play page.
  4. Tap the Install button. This will start the installation to your device.

  5. Once the installation is complete, tap Open.

  6. The Logmaster HV app opens and you will be directed to the Login page.

  7. Using the device OS, ensure the Logmaster HV App is positioned so as to be easily findable by drivers in accordance with your instructions.