View Driver Declaration of Fitness

  1. On the Menu, click Fitness Declarations to open the Fitness Declarations tab.
  2. To narrow your search by driver or date range, use the Driver field to select a driver.
  3. Set the Date Range field by clicking the Calendar icon.
  4. After defining your search filters, click the View Log button.
  5. Find the driver that you want to view and click its View button under the Action column.
  6. The Declaration of Fitness window will appear. In this window, the name of the driver and the number plate of the vehicle is included in the first section.
  7. The middle section of the Declaration of Fitness window displays a couple of questions and the bottom section displays a list of follow-up questions.
  8. To close the window, click the Close button or the X icon on the upper right corner of the Declaration of Fitness window.