View Vehicle Check for Specific Date

  1. On the Menu, click Vehicle Checks to open the Vehicle Checks tab.
  2. Select the driver that you want to view by clicking the Driver drop-down menu and start typing the driver’s name.
  3. As you type 3 or more characters, the relevant results will appear in the list. Click the driver’s name to select.
  4. In the Date Range field, click the drop-down arrow to set the date range that you want to view and click the Apply button.
  5. After defining your search filters, click the View Log button.
  6. To view the details of the vehicle check, find the driver from the list, and click its View button.
  7. The Vehicle Checks window will appear displaying the selected Driver and Number Plate of the vehicle. In this window, you can view the complete vehicle checklist and visible indicators of whether each checklist parameter is inspected/checked or not.
  8. To close the window after reviewing the vehicle checks, click the Close button.